Randy Catequista

Hi, I’m Randy Catequista, born and raised in the Philippines. I’ve been a freelance Graphic Designer/Artist and a Multimedia Specialist for about 9 years now. I work under Upwork and a Top-Rated Graphic designer for 4 years. Most of the time i work on simple graphics like social media banners and images, business card designs, brochures and posters. I also design documents and presentations from time to time. Through the years i gained various knowledge about the new software like Keyshot, Unreal Engine 4, Zbrush and other 3D software. With these i was able to develop my own game as a hobby for now and hopefully finish it someday.


Graphic Design
3D Modelling and Rendering
Packaging Design
Social Media Marketing
Game Development

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As a part-time freelancer by night and a full time Computer Maintenance Technologist by the day I need to follow a strict workflow so that I can maximize my free time to accommodate all of my clients. Nothing fancy, just basic workflow divided into three major categories. First we dream, next we design, finally we build.

Concept Art

I’m at the earliest stage of my concept art journey. I started using 3D way back 2 years ago. When i played the game Borderlands and got fascinated with the character CL4Ptr4P. I tried to model the robot using Google Sketchup and my 3D journey started there. I then branched out to Zbrush and Keyshot which led me to creating these concept arts that you see below. Most of the assets we’re premade and bought using my personal money that i earn. Hopefully when I get more time I can go back to learning more of these software but for now I just want to finish my game.


As lead graphic artist on the MogoBox team, Randy has demonstrated the ability to work well independently and in a team setting, demonstrates high creativity, and completes task in a timely manner.

Debrah Hussey

He is full of energy, a self-starter, motivated, and intelligent with a great attitude. He exemplifies the traits of a leader and would be a great asset to whomever he works for.

Scott Hussey

Randy is a professional artist. Has high productivity rate, delivers outputs on time, and collaborates efficiently in order to get the job done smoothly. He is with Spray n’ Go now as an artist and has created artwork such as print and online marketing collateral.